Buying high quality Iranian saffron + how to identify pure saffron?

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Wholesale sale of first grade saffronHow to identify pure saffron?High quality Iranian saffron shopping centerDirect purchase of saffron from the producerExport of Iranian saffronour customers
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When buying any product, you should have information about it. What information do you need when buying high quality Iranian saffron?

Wholesale sale of first grade saffron

Wholesale sale of first grade saffron

Be sure to buy saffron from reputable stores and from reputable brands.
The online store of Saffron King Business Company sells all kinds of high-quality Iranian saffron.
By communicating with the company’s sales experts, you can order your product in a certain circulation in bulk or packaging. The saffron king business brand is a seller of saffron in packages of 0.25 grams to 10 grams.

How to identify pure saffron?

When buying high quality Iranian saffron, pay attention, saffron should have a single and integrated appearance, saffron should not have small and broken particles.
Saffron has a slightly bitter taste and changes color in water after a few seconds.
So if saffron gives color immediately in water, it has impurities and additive colors.
If saffron does not have a bitter taste, additives such as water, sugar or oil have been sprayed on it.

High quality Iranian saffron shopping center

The American market is quality oriented

The saffron cultivated in Qaenat city of Iran is popular and famous inside and outside this country. For this reason, many sellers of red gold abuse the name and brand (Zafran Mumtaz Qaenaat).
Based on laboratory standards, saffron is divided into four premium levels, first grade, second grade, and third grade. It is diagnosed in the laboratory by special devices and by measuring the amount of crocin, picrocrocin, and safranal. From the laboratory point of view, the best type of saffron is premium saffron.

Direct purchase of saffron from the producer

According to the mentioned cases and the way of planting, growing and harvesting saffron, which is done with difficulty and completely by hand, high-quality saffron cannot have a cheap price.
Because of these difficulties, there is a possibility of fraud and impurity in saffron.
King Business Company produces all kinds of quality saffron. This company has all laboratory standards.

Export of Iranian saffron

Price of a bunch of saffron

By ordering saffron from this company, you have actually procured your product from the farmer and without intermediaries.
This issue has created higher confidence for saffron buyers.
This company is also an exporter of first-class and high-quality saffron all over the world.

our customers

King Business clients are large and reputable companies and traders in European and Arab countries.
Contact us to buy saffron in bulk.

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