Selling saffron in France and export of saffron

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How much is saffron today?French Organic SaffronThe largest seller of saffron in ParisWhat is the price of one gram of saffron?Saffron shop in FranceSelling saffron in France in bulk and partSaffron online storeKing Business Company in EuropeExport of saffron to FranceSaffron sales branch

Buying and selling saffron in the European market is based on quality
One of the largest sellers of saffron in Paris is the King Business Store
This branch offers its products online and in-person selling saffron in France

Selling saffron in France and export of saffron
Selling saffron in France and export of saffron

How much is saffron today?

In the first half of 2022, the price of saffron increased significantly in the market
The main reason for the increase in the price of saffron is the decrease in the product from its production source, namely Iran and Afghanistan
The daily price of saffron in the French market is between 1890 Euros and 2670 Euros

French Organic Saffron

France grows saffron and produces saffron.
Of course, the amount of saffron that is harvested is limited.
Most people who produce this product in France are for personal use and care about the quality of the product.
For this reason, it produces organic and pure saffron.

The largest seller of saffron in Paris

King Business Saffron Company is one of the largest sellers and exporters of saffron in Europe.
The company plants and produces red gold on farms in Afghanistan and Iran
The products have a very high-quality grade and are suitable for sale in the European market
King saffron brand has been one of the important suppliers in the European Union market for more than 10 years.

The largest seller of saffron in Paris
The largest seller of saffron in Paris

What is the price of one gram of saffron?

You can find saffron in different packages in almost all stores in Paris
There are usually different weights for the retail sale of saffron in stores
Weight 1 gram is the most ideal packaging weight known in the saffron retail market
Of course, King brand also offers its partial packages weighing 0.25 grams and 0.5 grams to the market
The price of one gram of saffron in bulk and the usual package is between 5 and 7 euros

Saffron shop in France

Individuals and companies that buy and sell saffron in the European market are familiar with King Saffron Company
Saffron store in France is one of the sales branches of the King Business brand
In this store, you can buy various packages and different types of saffron
This branch sells saffron in bulk and packaged in France.

Saffron shop in France
Saffron shop in France

Selling saffron in France in bulk and part

In the first 5 months of 2022, the price of saffron has increased significantly and this increase continues
For this reason, many people have tended to enter the saffron trade
An important point to consider in buying and selling saffron in France is that:
The product we want to sell must have all the European food and health certifications.

Saffron online store

Online sales of saffron and other products constitute a large part of global trade online store is one of the most reputable sources for buying saffron for export worldwide
On this website, you can choose the saffron you want in the package and packaging that you want and register your order online.
Sales associates will contact you and the necessary coordination will be done to send your order

King Business Company in Europe

Different branches of King Business brand in countries:
They are ready to offer you the best saffron in the European market
King Saffron’s supply capacity in 2022 is more than 10 tons of saffron to Europe.
An important part of the supply of saffron in Arab countries, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, is also the responsibility of this international company.

King Business Company in Europe
King Business Company in Europe

Export of saffron to France

For France and all EU countries, King brand saffron is exported as follows:
According to the agreements made between the buyer and the company, the order will be delivered in the specified lots – 50 kg, 100 kg, 200 kg, and 500 kg within a specified time at the customer’s address.

Saffron sales branch

Saffron is usually sent from the Dutch headquarters or the German office to other branches
The saffron branch in France is most active online in the market
Buyers in different cities in France can contact the company’s sales department
Or to buy the desired product through the company’s store site at

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