Saffron store in Canada

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The price of Iranian saffronBuying saffron in TorontoWholesale of saffron in AmericaSaffron store in CanadaSaffron shopping center in VancouverSupplier of saffron in EuropeExport of saffron to Canada

What brand does the most reliable saffron shopping center in Vancouver offer?
Will the price of Iranian saffron increase in 2023?
Saffron King Business is an exporter and wholesaler of saffron in America and Canada.
In this article, we examine how to buy from a saffron store in Canada.

Saffron store in Canada
Saffron store in Canada

The price of Iranian saffron

The saffron store in Canada offers different types of Iranian saffron.
The products in this center are wholesaled to the Canadian market.
In this way, the minimum purchase of saffron in packages of 1 gram to 10 grams is between 500 and 1000 pieces of each weight.
For example, if we order red gold in 10 gram packages, we must have at least 500 order registrations so that the product can be delivered to us at a wholesale price.
The price of saffron in Canada is $2,480 to $2,710 per kilo of King brand.

Buying saffron in Toronto

Which type of saffron sells more in Toronto?
In Iran, red gold is divided into different types and each has its own name.
There are different types of red gold, but the division of this product in international markets is done according to their grade.
Saffron shopping center in Toronto offers King brand products in three grades.

Wholesale of saffron in America

In recent years, Saffron King Business has been importing saffron to America using the cif method.
Over the past few months, the sales branch of this brand has been opened in America.
Therefore, the orders of customers in any US state will be delivered to their address.
Grade A product of King brand is the most popular in the saffron wholesale market in America.

Wholesale of saffron in America
Wholesale of saffron in America

Saffron store in Canada

How can we buy from the saffron store in Canada?
To get the highest quality types of Iranian and Afghan saffron from the King online store, you can use the following three methods:
Direct contact with the sales department of the company
Refer to online sales site and buy the product online
Completing the contact form and placing an order on the company’s sales sites

Saffron shopping center in Vancouver

King Business has a sales branch in Canada.
This center has made it easy for Canadian buyers to access high-quality Iranian saffron.
In all Canadian cities, the order of King saffron buyers will be delivered to their address.
Of course, you can also receive your order online from the saffron shopping center in Toronto.
Sending orders to customers in different Canadian cities is done by King brand.
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Supplier of saffron in Europe

Import of saffron to America is done by King Business.
The product supply power of this international company is more than 12 tons in 2022.
Products are available in bulk.
The retail sale of saffron is offered in various packages in the online store.
The minimum purchase of the product in retail weights is 500 to 1000 packages.
Orders below this amount are at consumer price. That is, the profit of the sales branch is added to the price of the product.

Supplier of saffron in Europe
Supplier of saffron in Europe

Export of saffron to Canada

As mentioned above, King Business is a supplier of saffron in the American and Canadian markets.
We can send saffron to all Canadian cities.
The products of this brand are produced from farms in Iran and Herat region in Afghanistan.
Buyers can choose which saffron will be sent to them when announcing their order to the sales unit.
Considering that the sales branch of King Business operates in this country, therefore we export saffron to Canada using the ddp method.

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