What is the best way to export saffron to Turkey?

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Price per kilo of saffron in TurkeyZero to one hundred saffron exportsLawson exporting saffron to TurkeyWholesale saffron in 2022Sale of bulk and packaged saffronBuy saffron from King Business Company

Turkey is called the gateway to Europe and is one of the important countries for exporting products.
In the following section, we will review the best method of exporting saffron to Turkey.
One of the most important companies in the field of saffron wholesale is King Business Company.
What factors determine the price of each kilo of saffron in Turkey?

Price per kilo of saffron in Turkey

Price per kilo of saffron in Turkey
Price per kilo of saffron in Turkey

The experts of our company upload the price of each kilo of saffron on this website daily.
There are different types of red gold.
Its head type is bought and sold in the market for 3 to 5 dollars.
Of course, the price of saffron depends on several factors.
– Package type
– Purchase amount and order
– Product shipping costs
– product type
– Quality and grade of saffron
These items have a direct impact on the purchase price of saffron.

Zero to one hundred saffron exports

1- In the first step, we must know the target market and prepare the appropriate product.
In this regard, King Business Company produces special saffron for each country.
This means that our experts offer special saffron to the market for each country and each application.
2 – In the next step, we consider the type of packaging that is suitable for customers for saffron.
3- Delivery of products must be done correctly. For red gold, we usually use the aerial method because the products reach their destination in the shortest possible time and this valuable plant must be kept in suitable weather conditions.

4 – Customs affairs in the country of origin and destination country as well as the delivery of the product to the customer care in the next steps.
Did you know that King Business Company has a saffron sales branch in most countries of the world, especially in European countries, and offers you the highest quality red gold in the shortest possible time ?!
Therefore, you do not need to look for saffron export solutions because our company performs all the steps of saffron export for you and delivers the products to you in the final destination.

Lawson exporting saffron to Turkey

Lawson exporting saffron to Turkey
Lawson exporting saffron to Turkey

In international trade laws, each product has a specific code for import and export, which is called the HS code.
For example, the HS code of saffron and some similar products is 091020.
The rules for exporting saffron to Turkey are slightly different from other products.
At present, the customs duty for importing red gold to this country is from 37% to 45%.

Wholesale saffron in 2022

Saffron sales rules were announced in 2022 in King Business Company.
Wholesale saffron is presented to you in packages of less than one gram with a circulation of 1000 packages.
When buying bulk saffron, the minimum order quantity is half a kilogram.

Sale of bulk and packaged saffron

In retail, saffron packages are in the following weights.
And weighs one gram. (You can see different types of packaging in our company webshop)
In bulk saffron for sale, the packaging is 250 grams and 500 grams.

Buy saffron from King Business Company

Buy saffron from King Business Company
Buy saffron from King Business Company

Saffron is sold by large companies such as King Business.
Buying saffron from our company has several features.
When you buy your products from a reputable company, you will always be sure of the price and quality.
All over European countries, we deliver saffron to your final destination, at the address you say.
Exporting saffron to Turkey is the specialty of our company.
If you want to be one of the saffron sales branches in your city, you can contact our experts.

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