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Export profitRed gold exportOne of the common questions of King Business group contacts about exportAdvantages of cooperation with King Business GroupHow to buy 50 kilos of saffronSaffron export rulesSelling saffron in EuropeThe power of saffron supply in this month?!What is the price of Iranian saffron?
Saffron export rules

When the dollar rate rises, the saffron export rules also change.
For this reason, the market of this product fluctuates like all goods.

Export profit

Export profit

In general, we can say that saffron business is one of the most profitable businesses.
The income obtained through export is usually in dollars or euros.
As you know, dollars have a much higher value than Tomans.

Red gold export

This product is commercially strategic and the saffron export rules are special.
On the other hand, it is a valuable and well-known product in the whole world, especially in European countries.
That’s why this product is the first choice.
Also, due to high consumption, it can be one of the best options for export.

One of the common questions of King Business group contacts about export

One of the common questions of King Business group contacts about export

On Tuesday, someone contacted the sales department of our collection and the terms of cooperation for export
Saffron asked.
This person owns saffron and has customers in Europe. Necessary negotiations with their customers
have done and sent the prices and product samples to them. His client of the week
He wants 50 kilos of saffron.

Advantages of cooperation with King Business Group

One of the advantages of working with our collection is the experience, expertise and knowledge of the markets
The world has red gold, especially the market of European countries.
We have made the export process easy for our customers and from zero to hundred export process
We do it for you.

How to buy 50 kilos of saffron

How to buy 50 kilos of saffron

1. It does not have the power to supply 50 kilos of saffron per week.
2. Does not have a company.
3. He is not familiar with the export process and…
This person wants us as a guide to carry out the project with the help of the company.

Saffron export rules

The luggage export law of this product for countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Austria, and the Netherlands is 150 to 200 grams.
Of course, these conditions are always changing and actually being updated.

Selling saffron in Europe

Selling saffron in Europe

If the product is available in our European offices, orders for customers from there
is sent
If that type of product is not available in the head office and in any of the European offices, in this case
We export red gold from Iran.
Of course, according to the same principles that the export department of the company does this work.

The power of saffron supply in this month?!

Last month, the company supplied 150 kg of red gold per week to each customer
Due to the fact that sales and programs change every month, naturally, the amount of supply also changes.
In this month, the supply power of red gold, by King Business Group and Diamonds of Saffron Jahan, is 50
A kilo of cream is for each customer.

What is the price of Iranian saffron?

What is the price of Iranian saffron?

The price of each kilogram of Iranian saffron in European countries is different according to its quality.
One kilo of super precious grade (A) saffron is traded in Europe at a price of 2540 euros.
The price of one kilo of super precious grade (A+) is 2645 euros.
Super Negin grade (A++) is bought and sold at the rate of 2930 euros.
The price of 1 kilo of diamond saffron
Diamond is a quality grade of saffron that has the highest quality compared to other samples.
The price of diamond saffron in the European market is 3410 euros.

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