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Pure Saffron in France | Buying and Selling Saffron in France

King company has more than 12 years of experience in selling pure saffron in France and European countries.
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Quarterly Journal of King Business Company

king business company and saffron sales report in Europe

In this text, we will first give a brief description about the Quarterly Journal of King Business Company and state the necessity of its publication.
In the following, we will discuss the new plans and the online training by King Business Company and the sale of pure saffron in France.

Quarterly Journal

King’s Business Quarterly Journal is published annually at King’s headquarters.
In the recently published Quarterly Journal, the performance of all the company’s departments has been taken into consideration.
All departments include saffron sales department, saffron distribution, planting training, etc. have been carefully checked.
Also, in this article, all the plans ahead of the company that are going to be implemented in the coming months have been specified and determined.
It should be mentioned that in these Quarterly Journals, all programs are published in short form.
These scientific quarterly journals have become popular with the aim of expanding knowledge and describing research results in a specific field.

Ideas to increase saffron production

5% increase in the price of saffron

In this Quarterly Journal, theories and ideas for increasing saffron production according to climatic conditions and changes have been expressed.
Currently, the crisis of lack of water and low rainfall has severely hit agriculture in the field of saffron production.

Planting greenhouse saffron

One of the ideas and plans presented by the company’s experts and training team is to plant saffron in a greenhouse.
This method of planting saffron has been suggested for many years.
The above idea was proposed by Mr. Engineer Chalavi, one of the experienced and capable experts in the field of education of King Business Company.

Holding online educational classes

1 gram saffron in the online store

Currently, King Business Company has organized classes and training courses online.
A large part of these trainings is about increasing saffron production using alternative methods.
The main focus is more on greenhouse crops that perform better than the former methods.

Sale of pure saffron in France

Also, in this article, the export department has expressed its plans regarding the sale of pure saffron in France.
The sale of pure saffron in France by the King company has been carried out regularly and purposefully for more than 12 years.
Selling saffron in European countries like Germany, Italy, France, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, etc. by King Company.
If you want to buy saffron, contact our colleagues in the sales department. (Whatsapp)
We can deliver your saffron to you at the final destination.

Saffron planting training department

Wholesale of saffron

Other departments of the company have also expressed all their reports.
Training on planting saffron in the following three ways is presented in the Quarterly Journal.

  1. Planting saffron in soil and field
  2. Cultivation in greenhouse and hall
  3. Keeping and planting saffron in pots and gardens

Tips on planting saffron

It should be noted that the cultivation time of saffron starts from the beginning of June and lasts until October.
The growing period of onion will be from October to May and the number of irrigating saffron cultivation is at least twice a year.
The depth of saffron onion planting is 20 cm, and the most important issue in saffron cultivation is choosing a healthy type of saffron onion.
After preparing the saffron onion, we should plant it as soon as possible so that we can prevent their temperature from increasing together.
Also, this work helps us avoid pests and diseases in the open space.

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