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Sale of luxury saffron in the European market:Selling saffron in Italy:Selling saffron to Germany:Wholesale of saffronHow much is the price of 1 gram of saffron?Special shopping opportunities:The price of luxury saffronPrice increase forecast in 2024:Signing a supply contract with Italy:Price stability in the company:Contract signing meeting with Italy:
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In this report, we provide you with the sale of Iranian saffron in Europe and the price of luxury saffron in Germany and Italy.

Sale of luxury saffron in the European market:

Sale of luxury saffron in the European market:

King Business has recently published a comprehensive report on the status of luxury saffron sales in the European and German markets.
This report includes detailed information on the pricing of luxury saffron in Europe and the introduction of reputable online stores.

Selling saffron in Italy:

In Italy, on Tuesday, 1,500 luxury packages were sent to the Milan branch.
The price of 1 gram of luxury saffron in Italian online stores varies between 9 and 11 euros.
Also, the price of this luxury product in Italian stores is 14.99 euros.

Selling saffron to Germany:

Saffron samples have been sent to Berlin, Dusseldorf, and Frankfurt, Germany.
These orders were supplied through the Berlin branch office and sent to the customer’s address.

Wholesale of saffron

Wholesale of saffron

On Monday, 500 grams of grade (A++) were sent to Berlin, 1 kg of grade (A+) to Dusseldorf, and 200 luxury packages to Bremen, Germany.

How much is the price of 1 gram of saffron?

The price of bulk red gold in Germany has not changed much this month, and it seems that price stability prevails.
The price of 1 gram of saffron in Holland, Belgium, Austria, and France was between 9 and 13 euros.

Special shopping opportunities:

A special sale plan with an exceptional price has been announced in Europe and will continue from the 10th of this month until the end.
All types of red gold are supplied to the European market in bulk and packages of 250 grams, half a kilo, and one kilo.

The price of luxury saffron

The price of luxury saffron

In this special sale, each Iranian kilo is sold for 2350 euros, and grade R is sold for 2590 euros.

Price increase forecast in 2024:

Prices are expected to rise between 2% and 4% in the first three months of 2024.

Signing a supply contract with Italy:

A customer from Venice contacted the head office in Rotterdam and requested information about the increase in the price of luxury saffron in 2024.
King Business Company is one of Europe’s main suppliers of Iranian saffron.
In response to this demand, the company has offered a 1-year supply contract for purchase.

Price stability in the company:

Due to the reduction of the saffron flower harvest in Iran and Afghanistan, the prices of King Business Company in Europe have been kept constant and this company takes measures such as concluding two-year contracts with customers to control price fluctuations.

Contract signing meeting with Italy:

Contract signing meeting with Italy:

The contract was signed with the customer in Venice in the Rome branch office.
Of course, the report has been sent to the customer.
You can contact the consultants of our company to buy and get the price of luxury saffron.

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