Buy saffron in the Netherlands and sell bulk saffron

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What is the price of saffron in the Netherlands?The process of buying and selling bulk saffronThe largest wholesale of saffron in EuropeMajor buyers of saffronSaffron online storeMajor purchase price of premium saffronBuy saffron in the NetherlandsSell pure saffron
Buy saffron in the Netherlands and sell bulk saffron

Amsterdam is one of the most important markets in Europe.
What is the best way to import saffron to the Netherlands?
In this section, we review the prices of the most expensive and cheapest saffron for wholesale in this country

What is the price of saffron in the Netherlands?

What is the price of saffron in the Netherlands?
What is the price of saffron in the Netherlands?

Saffron, this precious spice, has a very high price in European countries, including the Netherlands.
The price difference is due to the different quality that all products with A and A + grade are offered in Europe.
Wholesale and retail prices vary widely in the EU.
So that the average purchase of one gram of saffron in online shops is between 2.5 to 8 euros.
Also, a kilo of pure saffron costs between 980 euros and 2,800 euros.
Some markets also distribute saffron in 100-gram packages.
In the following section, you can see the price list per kilo of saffron to buy from the largest wholesaler in Europe.

The process of buying and selling bulk saffron

Recently, major sales competitions between European saffron brands have increased.
In such a field, the main competition has been formed between Saffron King and another brand.
At present, the sales offices of this company are wholesalers in most European countries, including Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and so on.
All these branches offer saffron in packages of 250 grams, 400 and 500 grams and 1 kg.

The largest wholesale of saffron in Europe

The largest wholesale of saffron in Europe
The largest wholesale of saffron in Europe

As we discussed in the previous articles, some online stores such as also do wholesale.
Some people also sell products as intermediaries after buying from reputable brands on the Amazon store site.
But how do you think big stores get the goods they need?
Which method is more suitable for buyers who move high volumes?
We will answer this question below.

Major buyers of saffron

Premium saffron customers are divided into 2 categories:
1. Intermediaries
۲. The main buyers of saffron
Among the real and final customers for each product, we can name chain stores.
European companies usually prefer to work with prominent European brands.
Usually these customers do not work with brokers.
These centers receive their products in Europe from Saffron King in different ways and under different contracts.

Saffron online store

With the development of e-commerce technology, the number of online stores is increasing every year.
Countless of these sites are created solely by individuals.
Some are opened by large companies to create more and easier communication with customers.
Most shoppers who shop through these online stores are people who need it for their daily consumption and small quantities.
Buy saffron in the Netherlands

Major purchase price of premium saffron

Other groups that intend to buy and sell in the market, such as supermarkets and industrial and manufacturing factories, you can contact our sales department directly.
Chocolate companies, pharmaceutical companies and …
The bulk purchase price of premium saffron today is between 980 and 1350 euros.

Buy saffron in the Netherlands

Buy saffron in the Netherlands
Buy saffron in the Netherlands

As you know, the trend of saffron imports to Europe has recently decreased.
Numerous factors, such as the economic situation caused by the outbreak of Covid-19, have dealt a severe blow to trade, and quarantine conditions have contributed to this situation.
In such a situation, how can you buy saffron in the Netherlands or other countries?
If you also want to keep your customers in this market, you can contact our head office in Europe.
Saffron King now has about 180 kg in the German office – about 95 kg in the Dutch office and different quantities in other branches.
This is a great opportunity for you to easily retain your customer and deliver the order.
In this case, you will not need any documents for customs, because everything is our responsibility and your order will be delivered to your address in Europe.

Sell pure saffron

What do you think is the best pure saffron?
1. The best saffron for trade or domestic consumption
2. The best in terms of quality
3. The best from the customer’s point of view
As you can see, it is not easy to say which is the best.
To buy bulk saffron that is suitable for your consumption or market, just contact our experts.
All these products are categorized and distributed under the same brand at different prices in the market.
Buy saffron in the Netherlands

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