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Saffron Demand on the RisePure Saffron Sales in BelgiumSaffron Prices in GermanyInternational Saffron TradeSaffron Prices in AustriaWholesale Saffron Sales in the NetherlandsSaffron Sales Representatives in Francepurchase Fresh Saffron in Europe
Price of 1 gram of luxury saffron in Germany and Europe

At the beginning of the saffron harvesting season, the demand for buying fresh saffron in Europe has increased.
Will the production of new saffron crops have an impact on its price in European markets?

Saffron Demand on the Rise

Saffron Demand on the Rise

With the introduction of new saffron flowers to the market, an upward trend in saffron prices in 2024 is noticeable.
Prices in the European market have also been increasing and have reached up to 3500 euros.

Pure Saffron Sales in Belgium

Saffron is a popular product worldwide.
European merchants recognize the harvesting season of this product in Iran and Afghanistan, which is why the purchase of fresh Saffron in Europe has been on the rise since early October.

Saffron Prices in Germany

Saffron Prices in Germany

The price of one gram of pure saffron in German stores ranges from 9.5 euros to 11.5 euros.
However, saffron prices have increased by 5% in the year 2024.

International Saffron Trade

Ms. Engineer Shahvardi from the Sales Department of Almas Saffron Company and King Business Company reported a business negotiation with Mr. Abbaspour on Friday.
This individual resides in Italy and is active in saffron exports.
Mr. Abbaspour has been a customer of the King Business Company for almost two years and has customers in Austria, France, and Germany. All of Mr.
Abbaspour’s customers placed orders to purchase fresh Saffron in Europe.

Saffron Prices in Austria

Saffron Prices in Austria

King Business Company is a reputable source for buying and selling saffron in Europe, so their pricing is essential.
The company’s prices are verified by the trade department, and this year’s price for a kilogram of saffron ranges from 2300 euros to 3250 euros.

Wholesale Saffron Sales in the Netherlands

As mentioned above, King Business is a major distributor of saffron and its products in Europe.
The company’s headquarters are located in Rotterdam.
This company has precise, strategic, and practical planning, foresight, and a cohesive team in most countries around the world.
Therefore, the King Saffron brand is popular in Europe and many other countries.

Saffron Sales Representatives in France

Saffron Sales Representatives in France

In Europe, King Business Company has representatives in six countries. The number of representatives will increase to ten by the end of 2023.
Customer orders from Mr. Abbaspour in Austria, France, and Germany are sent through representatives located in these countries.

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