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Wholesale sale of saffron in EuropeThe boom in the sale of red gold in the NetherlandsThe price of a kilo of Iranian saffron in AugustThe price of saffron in AugustWhat is the purchase price of saffron gems in Europe?Beginning of synergy meetingsThe purpose of holding meetingsMonthly meetings with colleaguesSaffron export to EuropeWholesale of saffron in FranceEvery kilo of saffron in BrusselsA kilo of saffron in Paris

In this article, we check the price of saffron in August and share with you some of the important activities of King Business.

Wholesale sale of saffron in Europe

Saffron Economic Journal - Saffron King

Mr. Naibi from the commercial department of King Business Group announced: Today the price of saffron per kilo in Europe will be updated.
They reported; Prices have not changed much this month.

The boom in the sale of red gold in the Netherlands

Currently, due to the boom in summer travel in Europe, the purchase and sale of food products such as saffron has increased.
With the arrival of travelers and tourists to any country, shopping and sales flourish and the economy grows.
During the travel season, the consumption of red gold as a spice in hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. increases.

The price of a kilo of Iranian saffron in August

What is the tonnage sale of saffron and the price of a kilo of saffron today?

This month, due to the increase in the consumption of red gold, new shipments of this product from Iran have been cleared at the Dutch headquarters.
With the clearance of this shipment, King Business Group has introduced very high quality products to the market.

The price of saffron in August

Each kilo of saffron is 2490 euros this month.
Of course, retail prices are different.
1 gram of saffron is bought and sold in the online market between 8 and 10 euros.

What is the purchase price of saffron gems in Europe?

Negin saffron purchase price

The price of saffron has not fluctuated much in August.
One kilo of Negin Grade A is sold at the price of 2570 Euros, as well as Negin Grade A+ at the price of 2890 Euros.

Beginning of synergy meetings

According to the report of the planning unit, synergy meetings will start in the next few days king Company.
Mr. Engineer Nouri, the respected person in charge of organizing the meetings, announced: All the respected personnel of our companies can attend these meetings.

The purpose of holding meetings

Saffron transit

In general, the purpose of holding synergy meetings, coherence and effective communication between colleagues has been announced.

Monthly meetings with colleagues

In these meetings, all personnel can directly communicate with King’s head office.
These meetings are created to increase team spirit in all departments of King Business Group.
In these meetings, all colleagues can share their criticisms, suggestions and opinions with the head office.

Saffron export to Europe

Export of saffron to Europe

The commercial department of King Business Group announced: 37 kilos of red gold were sent to Brussels and Paris.
In the video published by the head office of King Business Company, it was announced that this amount of product was sent to the branches in Belgium and France.

Wholesale of saffron in France

On Monday, the new products of King Business Company will be launched in Belgium.
Below is the price of saffron in August for each kilo of nagin in Belgium and France.

Every kilo of saffron in Brussels

The price of 1 kilo of gem type in bulk is between 2350 and 2730 euros.

A kilo of saffron in Paris

The selling rate of Negin Grade I in bulk is 2400 to 2800 euros per kilo.
As you know, the price of this valuable spice depends on various factors.
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