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Saffron Distribution in FranceStrategic Cooperation:Luxury Saffron in FranceWholesale Transaction in Paris:Establishment of King Business Branch in Paris:Pricing Structure in Lyon, France:Elevating the Brand in France:Transparent Pricing:Quality Assurance:Market Competitiveness:Client Communication:
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In this communication, we present a comprehensive report on the French client engagement, outlining the optimal approach to acquire Luxury Saffron in France and Europe, along with insights into saffron pricing.

Saffron Distribution in France

Saffron Distribution in France

A reputable trading company in France has initiated negotiations with King Business to procure high-end saffron.
Specializing in food exports, this company views this collaboration as an opportunity to expand its portfolio and enhance its presence in international markets.

Strategic Cooperation:

The partnership with King Business has facilitated the wholesale distribution of saffron, aligning with the objective of promoting our products and bolstering our global market footprint.

Luxury Saffron in France

Our French partner has successfully cultivated strong ties with prominent companies in Paris, Marseille, and Lyon.
Leveraging effective communication, the company’s management has successfully attracted numerous customers by showcasing the luxurious saffron packages offered by King Business.

Wholesale Transaction in Paris:

Wholesale Transaction in Paris:

Following the meticulous confirmation of product quality, a substantial order for 2,500 packages has been placed for the French market.
The sales department at King Business has committed to delivering this order promptly next week.

Establishment of King Business Branch in Paris:

Given the significance of this delivery, it has been decided to facilitate the transaction through the King Business Company’s branch in Paris, ensuring trust and satisfaction among our valued customers.

Pricing Structure in Lyon, France:

The order, priced at €6.99 per gram, is scheduled for availability to Parisian customers on Thursday next week.

Elevating the Brand in France:

Elevating the Brand in France:

Recognized as the epitome of seasonings, Luxury Saffron in France is exclusively distributed in the market by King Business and its affiliated branches in France.

Transparent Pricing:

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is underscored by providing high-quality saffron and premium packaging.
The purchase price of saffron ranges from 1990 to 2900 euros.

Quality Assurance:

Rest assured of the high quality and purity of our saffron.
King Business Company adheres strictly to accuracy and international standards, ensuring the best product through rigorous quality control and the expertise of our farmers.

Market Competitiveness:

Market Competitiveness:

Entering the French market, we distinguish ourselves by delivering quality saffron and exceptional packaging, setting us apart from other brands.
Consult our dedicated team to procure saffron across Europe.

Client Communication:

Customer satisfaction and credit reliability remain our top priorities. I am readily available to address your inquiries and requirements. Your trust in us fuels our commitment to delivering the finest quality saffron in luxurious packaging to the French market. Thank you for choosing King Business

Mr. S . Biglah

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