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Application of saffron productFood and drug supplementExport of saffron to AmericaProduction standards of saffron extractSaffron product production in SwitzerlandHow to use pure saffronSaffron extract price (10 mg)The price of similar products in the marketWhy does saffron extract have a reasonable price?Special discount on purchases
Saffron extract price

The wholesale saffron extract price decreased in King Business Company.
Saffron extract is a new product of King Business Company.

Application of saffron product

Production of saffron extract

In this section, we will explain some of the uses and features of this product and share its price with you.
The uses of this product are many.
It has the properties and characteristics of saffron.
From treating depression and Alzheimer’s to treating acne and skin care.

Food and drug supplement

This red gold product is used as a food and medicine supplement.
Therefore, this product is widely used in pharmaceuticals and is sold in pharmacies.
King Business saffron collection has been offering this product to the European market since the beginning of the new week.

Export of saffron to America

Export of saffron to America

In addition to European countries, a new order for this product and bulk saffron has been registered from America.
According to the report of the export unit, the American order will be sent on Sunday.

Production standards of saffron extract

Considering that it is being distributed in European countries.
Europe applies very strict standards for food and medicine.
All these standards have been observed in the production of this product.
Especially since this product is produced in Switzerland.

Saffron product production in Switzerland

Selling saffron in Switzerland under the Saffron King brand

The rate of living in Switzerland is one of the highest among all countries.
As a result, this valuable product is produced with a completely technical, professional and scientific approach.
This product has been produced by the development and research team of Saffron King Business after two and a half years of research.

How to use pure saffron

Because this product is a medicinal supplement, it is prepared in the form of a dropper.
In the packaging of this product, there is a brochure that contains all the technical specifications and how to use it.

Saffron extract price (10 mg)

Saffron extract price (10 mg)

In general, the price of saffron extract in a special package of three units (each unit is 10 mg) is 134.90 euros.
In Europe, the Saffron extract price is 49.99 euros (each unit is 10 mg).

The price of similar products in the market

Usually similar products in the market are between 20 and 30% more expensive than our prices.
Why are the prices of King Business Company cheaper?
First point: This product is one of the new products of the Saffron King Business collection and this product has just entered the market.
For this reason, it is offered at a favorable price to be attractive to people who want to enter this field.

Why does saffron extract have a reasonable price?

Natural saffron extract - Liquid saffron

The next point: saffron extract has a reasonable price because the saffron king collection works in wholesale.
For branches and agencies, merchants and economic operators who provide the product in bulk, the offered price is very important and should be low.

Special discount on purchases

In addition to the fact that these prices are lower than the market, the company also applies a discount for bulk buyers.
These discounts create motivation and enthusiasm in people to enter this lucrative market.

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