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Selling saffron in SwitzerlandSelling saffron in SwitzerlandBuying saffron in ItalyThe price of saffron in MilanOnline shopping for saffronBuying saffron in luxury packagingHow much is the price of 1 gram of saffron in luxury packaging?Purchase and price of extract saffron in the NetherlandsSale of saffron powder in Italy
Wholesale of saffron extract

In this article, we share with you some of the important activities of King Business Company.
What is the purchase and price of extract saffron and the price of saffron in Europe?

Selling saffron in Switzerland

Selling saffron in Switzerland under the Saffron King brand

The reports that we present to you in this section are as follows:
Selling saffron in Europe
Saffron powder
The price of saffron in Italy
1 gram of this product in Rome
Purchase and price of extracted saffron
Saffron in a luxury package

Selling saffron in Switzerland

The sales unit of King Business Company announced in a report:
On Thursday, 100 packages of saffron liquid will be sent to the Swiss branch.
This order is as a sample, which will send 50 saffron extracts 10 ml and 50 premium.

Buying saffron in Italy

According to the report we received from the head office, this quantity of 5.5 kilos of saffron was sent to the Milan address.
The Italian branch markets these products for 2180 euros per kilo.

The price of saffron in Milan

Saffron transit

According to the wholesale price, 1 gram of this product in the European market is 4 to 6 euros.
If the same product is in these packages, the price of 1 gram is between 7 and 11 euros.

Online shopping for saffron

The trading company from Austria is in contact with our company for the first time.
Meanwhile, the sales manager of this company said: We have purchased this product so far and for the first time we want to sell saffron through an online shop.

Buying saffron in luxury packaging

Some famous hotels in Rome announced their readiness to buy saffron.
During the negotiations with these hotels, they decide to give this product as a gift to their guests.

How much is the price of 1 gram of saffron in luxury packaging?

Saffron King, luxury saffron

1-gram of saffron was presented to these hotels in a luxury package for 11.95 euros.
In these packages, the product is placed inside a crystal container and does not have any contact with plastic materials.
Then the crystal containers are placed inside very stylish boxes with all the specifications and standards written on them.

Purchase and price of extract saffron in the Netherlands

The sales department of King Business Company has offered the price of saffron at the best market price.
The price of each package of 10 mg of this product extract is 49.99 euros.
The purchase and price of extract saffron in the Netherlands has been announced as 134.90 euros.

Sale of saffron powder in Italy

One of the important actions of the King Business branch in Italy is that it negotiated with 5 big restaurants in Rome last week.
These talks were successful and fruitful.
The result of negotiations with these restaurants was a contract for the supply of half a kilo of saffron powder.
This product is currently sold in packages of 50, 100, and 200 grams.

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