The price of saffron fresh

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Selling Iranian saffron1 gram of saffron in dollarsprice of saffron fresh1 kilo of this year's saffronThe price of saffron in eurosExport of Iranian saffron

The sale of Iranian saffron collected in 2022 will start soon.
It is expected that the price of saffron fresh will become more expensive in the international market between $200 and $500.
In the next month, the King Business brand will start the wholesale and export of this year’s saffron.

The price of saffron fresh
The price of saffron fresh

Selling Iranian saffron

How are valuable strands of saffron produced?
The propagation of this plant is done by planting saffron onion in the field soil.
Saffron onion cultivation methods are possible without soil and in the greenhouse.
More than 95% of the products of King Europe Persian Saffron Sales Center are produced on the farm.

1 gram of saffron in dollars

Which country produces more saffron?
Every year, more than 400 tons of red gold are collected in the agricultural fields of Iran.
The quality of this country’s product is higher than that of other producers.
The price of 1 gram of Iranian saffron in the King shop is between 9 and 13 euros.

price of saffron fresh

In autumn, the flowers of this valuable product are collected from agricultural fields.
This year, if the weather conditions are suitable, the amount of harvest is satisfactory.
Soon, the purchase of fresh saffron will start from the stores that supply this product.
Wholesale of saffron
The price of saffron fresh is likely to increase by $3 to $6 per gram.
Last year, the amount of saffron production in Iran decreased by 40-50%.
Of course, this issue has not had an impact on the decrease in the amount of red gold wholesale in 2022.

price of saffron fresh
price of saffron fresh

1 kilo of this year’s saffron

How many percent will each kilo of grade A saffron be more expensive this year?
Until last year, the graph of buying and selling saffron in international markets fluctuated slightly.
On average, the price of saffron fresh increased by 2 to 5% every year.
Since 2021, price inflation has been created in the market of this product.

The price of saffron in euros

The sale of 2022 collected saffron in Europe will start in 4 weeks.
In addition to selling Iranian saffron, King Business offers Afghan red gold and Spanish saffron.
A+ grade saffron is more in demand in Europe.
Each kilo of this type of product is sold at 3490 euros.

The price of saffron in euros
The price of saffron in euros

Export of Iranian saffron

The transfer of 200 tons of red gold from Iran to Qatar is a piece of new news in recent days.
Every year, more than this amount of Iranian saffron is exported in many contracts and by different companies.
But the transfer of this large volume by a contract has happened for the first time in the world.

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