Where can I buy Iranian saffron + the price of saffron in France

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Buying saffron in FranceWhere can I buy Iranian saffron?How much is 1 gram of Iranian saffron in Paris?Price and purchase of bulk saffronThe largest saffron sales centers in Europe

Today, the colleagues of the head office had negotiations with one of the French clients. Their question was, where can I buy Iranian saffron?

Buying saffron in France

Price of saffron Buying

Today, our colleagues from our head office in the Netherlands had a video call with a French client.
This French customer is a business team that also operates in the field of Iranian saffron.
The first and preliminary meeting of the negotiations was held.
This business team announced that we have acquaintances in Tehran and we may deliver saffron in Iran ourselves. In this matter, they are going to check the aspects of the work and inform us.
We announced the price of saffron to this business team.
These prices are for the conditions to deliver the saffrons in Paris:
The price of one kilo of Super Negin saffron is 2760 euros
The price of one kilo of precious saffron is 2595 euros

Where can I buy Iranian saffron?

Saffron King Business has active representatives in Lyon, Marseille and Paris.
We supply Iranian saffron in various packages to customers in different cities of France.
There are 0.25g, 0.5g, 1g and 5g packaging for you.
Our bulk packages are 250g, 500g and 1kg.
To know the daily price of bulk saffron and packaged saffron, refer to this link (daily price of saffron).

How much is 1 gram of Iranian saffron in Paris?

1 gram saffron in the online store

Paris is one of the most important cities in France.
The number of Iranians living in Paris is more than in other French cities.
There are many online stores and supermarkets run by Iranians in Paris, and you can get Iranian saffron in most of them.

Price and purchase of bulk saffron

One of the biggest wholesalers of saffron in France and other European countries such as Netherlands, Germany and Austria is King Business Company.
You can get the saffron you need through the web shop and the representatives of King Business.
In the following, we have provided the price of bulk saffron for you:
2470 euros per kilo of precious saffron A
Saffron Negin A+ 2595 Euros
The price of super precious grade A saffron is 2690 euros
Super precious saffron grade A+ 2830 euros
Note that the announced prices are for selling saffron in bulk.

The largest saffron sales centers in Europe

The largest seller of saffron in the United States

King Business has sales representatives in various countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and France.
Our agency is in the following cities:
Germany: Munich, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Frankfurt
Netherlands: Rotterdam and Amsterdam
Italy: Rome
France: Paris and Marseille
If you are also looking for the question, where can I buy Iranian saffron? Connect with our colleagues.

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