How much is the sale of Iranian saffron in Europe

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the price of luxury saffron in Germany and Italy?

In this article, we examine the export of Iranian saffron to Europe and the price of Nagin saffron in Italy.

Selling saffron in Rome

Mr. Ghorbani is one of the economic activists in Rome.
They have a food packaging factory in Iran.
Today they bought their own saffron from the company and want to distribute this product.

Iranian saffron distribution in Europe

The main goal of Mr. Ghorbani is to distribute this luxury spice in Europe.
In order to achieve this goal, Mr. Ghorbani was in contact with Mrs. Khadimzadeh, one of the personnel of King Business Company.
Commercial negotiations were held regarding the sale of Iranian saffron in Europe.

Bulk sale of saffron

Ms. Khadimzadeh is one of the sales managers of King Business Company, who manages the sale of bulk saffron.

Iranian saffron sales managers

price of Iranian saffron European

Here we present to you the names of some successful managers in the field of Iranian saffron sales in Europe.
– Mrs. Engineer Shahvardi
– Mr. Nouri Engineer
– Mrs. Khademzadeh
– Miss Engineer Payandeh
To buy saffron, you can contact the managers of the sales department of our company.

The price of Nagin saffron in Italy

In addition to distributing saffron in Italy and other cities of this country, Mr. Ghorbani also has a business team and wants to sell saffron.
To know the latest price of Nagin saffron in Italy, contact our colleagues on [WhatsApp].

The selling price of saffron in the Netherlands has been updated!

A kilo of Nagin saffron in Rotterdam today was between 2400 and 2600 euros.
To buy quality Iranian saffron, you can contact the export department of the company.

Nagin saffron export to Italy

I gave you reports about the export of red gold to Italy in the previous section.
In this section, you will read the report about Mr. Rahmat Abadi, who has a food purchasing and sales office in Iran.
They want to continue buying and selling saffron in the European market.

Selling saffron in Italy

Two years ago, Mr. Rahmatabadi contacted our company to distribute saffron in Italy.
Mr. Rahmat Abadi exports dates to different countries including Italy.
They plan to sell 12 kilos of saffron in 2 parts in the Italian market.

The price of 1 kilo Nagin saffron in Italy

Mr. Rahmat Abadi has a customer for the Nagin type and wants the order to be delivered to the address of the customer’s company in Italy.
Today, the commercial unit of King Business Group in Europe has announced the Nagin price of saffron in Rome from 1985 to 2710 euros.

Wholesale sale of saffron in Europe

A significant amount of saffron is available in many King Business branches in Europe.
Also, the commercial unit has announced that currently Nagin is available in two grades (A) and (A++) in the Italian dealership.

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