The price of Iranian saffron in the European market

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Wholesale of saffron in EuropeSuggested Pricing StrategyThe price of Iranian saffron in the EuropeanPrice Reduction at King BusinessBulk Selling OpportunitiesVideo Presence of Research and Development TeamQuality Assurance and Reasonable PricesSupporting FarmersFavorable Harvest ConditionsTransparent ContractsRecent TransactionResponsibilities of the Purchasing DepartmentSales Department's Role
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On Monday at 10:30 am, a meeting was convened at the King Business head office to evaluate the price of Iranian saffron in the European market in the European market.

Wholesale of saffron in Europe

Afghan Saffron in 2024

Present at the meeting were Engineer Arin, Mr. Naybi, and two esteemed colleagues from the sales department, Ms. Margard and Mr. Anten. The research and development team played a pivotal role in determining the pricing strategy for Iranian saffron in Europe.

Suggested Pricing Strategy

Mrs. Margerd, a business consultant, proposed offering bulk saffron at an exceptional price to the market.

The price of Iranian saffron in the European

Engineer Arin forecasted a potential decrease in prices ranging from 3% to 5%.
price of Iranian saffron in the European market, in Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, and the Netherlands is between 2490 and 2990 euros.

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Price Reduction at King Business

King Business Company announced a reduction in saffron prices, good news for saffron traders in Europe.
The updated buying and selling price list will be provided.

Bulk Selling Opportunities

The exceptional prices also extend to those interested in working with King Business as a sales branch in European cities.

Video Presence of Research and Development Team

The price of Afghan saffron

The meeting featured online participation from the research and development team, Mr. Anton and Mr. Stephen, emphasizing the expansion of saffron sales.

Quality Assurance and Reasonable Prices

The purchasing department, a crucial component of King Business, ensures the quality and reasonable pricing of saffron. Recent achievements and activities of this department were discussed.

Supporting Farmers

King Business’s purchasing department held meetings with farmers to support them, negotiating conditions and rules for buying saffron and formalizing agreements through written contracts.

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Favorable Harvest Conditions

Due to favorable weather conditions, high-quality saffron has been cultivated in farmers’ fields.
The purchasing department is prepared to receive saffron during the harvesting season.

Transparent Contracts

price of saffron in Germany in 2024

The purchasing department is committed to buying a fixed quantity of saffron at reasonable prices, emphasizing transparency and integrity in contracts with farmers.

Recent Transaction

On Monday, 5 kg of Iranian saffron was successfully delivered to a customer in Germany, showcasing King Business’s commitment to quality and timely deliveries.

Responsibilities of the Purchasing Department

The purchasing department, headed by Mrs. Tajik, plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and pricing of saffron, overseeing the purchasing team, and maintaining transparent contracts with farmers.

Sales Department’s Role

The sales department, vital in the saffron distribution in Europe, is ready to provide information on the price of Iranian saffron in the European market. Colleagues can be contacted for details.

For any inquiries or further information, feel free to reach out to our team at King Business.

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