Price of Iranian saffron in November

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Persian saffron1g of saffron priceThe sale price of bulk saffronIranian Saffron ExportPrice of saffron in NovemberThe price of saffron outside IranOnline Saffron ShopPurchase price of saffron
Price of Iranian saffron in November

Political developments in the world have led to higher energy prices.
The price of Iranian saffron in November?

Persian saffron

Persian saffron
Persian saffron

Do you know that King Business has farming in Iran and grows saffron?
It grows in warm, dry climates.
Iran has a large number of farms in which high-quality saffron is cultivated.
One of the biggest companies producing saffron and selling saffron to Europe is King Business.

1g of saffron price

Energy prices on the global market are rising.
In that sense, all our products have become more expensive.
When you enter a supermarket and look at the merchandise, you can see the price has changed. (It’s expensive)
The price of Iranian saffron in November increased between 8 and 12% in 2022.

The sale price of bulk saffron

The sale price of bulk saffron
The sale price of bulk saffron

In the online Shop, the price of 1 gram of saffron is 7 to 12 Euro.
As mentioned in the above section of this article, we are a saffron producer.
That’s why you can buy products without an intermediary from our sales department.
The sale price of bulk saffron ranges from 2,800 to 3,500 euros.

Iranian Saffron Export

Most of Iran’s red gold is exported to Europe.
The headquarters of King Business has been established in the Netherlands.
However, it has branches in Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy, and Spain.
King Business is the largest exporter of saffron in Europe.

Price of saffron in November

Price of Iranian saffron in November

On this site, you can get the price of all kinds of pure saffron.
1 kg of saffron in Germany and France is €3,500.
Since Iranian red gold is of high quality, it is also sold at a greater price than Indian, Moroccan, and Kashmir products.

The price of saffron outside Iran

Products are grown inside Iran and then packed after processing and eventually exported to the international market, which includes the cost.
Therefore, the price of saffron outside of Iran increases by 50 to 60 percent.
Each kilo of red gold sells for between $2,850 and $3,550.

Online Saffron Shop

Online Saffron Shop
Online Saffron Shop

The best way to buy red gold is to go to King’s online Shop.
Overall: There are different methods for buying saffron, for example; Connect via WhatsApp to the sales or email department and visit a branch of King Business.

Purchase price of saffron

For those who wish to buy and sell saffron, the best solution is to obtain a license from the sales branch at King’s.
In this way, you can benefit from our company’s services.
Get saffron quality with the best condition and price and start your business.

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