The prices of Iranian saffron in Munich

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In this article, you will read about the role of saffron in medical science, the sale of Iranian saffron in German cities, as well as the prices of Iranian saffron in Munich, and packaging details.

Use of Saffron in Traditional Medicine

Saffron in a spice shop in Germany

The use of saffron as an herbal remedy is gaining momentum in Europe. The effects of using this plant in reducing symptoms of depression, improving mental function, reducing inflammation, and even alleviating pain in some cases have been proven. Additionally, it is recognized as a potent antioxidant that can contribute to maintaining cellular health.

Use of Saffron in Modern Medicine

This product has also established its position in modern medicine. This medicinal plant is used in the pharmaceutical industry to create pills, harnessing its remarkable properties. These pills are particularly prescribed for patients with depression.

Collaboration with a Food Distribution Company in Berlin

Last week, the sales unit of King Business in Germany finalized negotiations for the sale of saffron with a food distribution company in Berlin. In this negotiation, an order for 3500 packages of luxury one-gram saffron was registered by this food company in Berlin.

prices of Iranian saffron in Munich

Il prezzo dello zafferano in aprile + acquisto zafferano

This month, the prices of Iranian saffron in Munich range from 1995 to 2490 euros, supplied to the market by King Business. Generally, when the grade is higher, the price is also higher.

Branch of King Business in Berlin

Servizio clienti zafferano re

The responsibility for processing, packaging, and delivery of this order falls on the branch located in the city of Berlin. The Berlin branch is one of the major wholesale and retail centers of King Business in Europe.

Main Saffron Supply Center in Germany

Prix de vente du safran

Stable and continuous supply, aiming to provide high-quality products and unparalleled services to customers outside the country, has always been one of the main goals of King Business. These commercial agreements are the result of the company’s continuous efforts to improve quality and offer distinctive and superior products.

Sale of Iranian Saffron in Munich

zafferano a prezzo in maastricht

Simultaneously with the Berlin order, a new order for the supply and sale of Iranian saffron in Munich was registered. This order pertains to 1500 two-gram packages, destined for one of the shops in the city of Munich. Orders for Berlin and Munich were prepared during the week and were sent to customers’ addresses on Thursday.

Price of Iranian Saffron in Munich

Saffron standards

As you know, King Business operates in the wholesale saffron market. Therefore, each gram of red gold in luxury packaging for orders exceeding 2000 units is offered to customers for 7.49 euros.

Superior Quality of Iranian Saffron

The products offered by King Business, in addition to high quality, comply with international standards. This company is recognized as a major and reputable center for the sale of Iranian saffron in European markets.

Services of King Business

Customers of King Business, due to satisfaction with the level of quality of our products and services, take further actions to procure saffron from this reputable center. To avail yourself of the services and products of King Business, you can get in touch with our business consultants.

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