Saffron Extract in Paris

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Saffron Extract in Paris | Wholesale Liquid saffron in Europe 2024

In this report, we introduce the sale of saffron extract in Paris. We also examine wholesale and retail prices for this product in France.

Wholesale Liquid saffron in Europe

Saffron Extract in Paris

An important update reveals that King Business has received an order for 700 packages of Saffron Extract in Paris from a French customer. This customer, who owns a laboratory, places orders through the company’s representation in Paris.

Representation of King Business in France

For the past three years, this customer has been placing orders through King Business’s representation in Paris, ensuring continuous and reliable orders.

Saffron Sales in Paris

During this three-year collaboration, the customer has procured saffron in bulk and specific packaging from the company. Recently, they ordered 700 packages of 10-gram Liquid saffron.

Saffron Extract Prices in Paris

Saffron Extract Prices in Paris

Regarding prices, for bulk orders like this one for 700 packages, a wholesale price has been established through collaboration between the company and the customer. The announced price to this French customer is 39.99 euros per package, while the retail price for a 10-gram Liquid saffron package is 49.99 euros.

Advantages of Partnering with King Business

One of the benefits of collaborating with King Business is the opportunity to buy in bulk. As the largest saffron wholesale distributor in Europe, the more significant the customer’s order, the more favorable the sales conditions and prices become.

Most Reliable Saffron Extract in Paris

Overall, considering the conditions of this collaboration, the bulk purchase of saffron has led to reduced prices. The announced price for each 10-gram package is 39.99 euros, fostering a more fruitful partnership and more reasonable prices for the customer’s products.

Buying liquid saffron

Buying liquid saffron

To buy liquid saffron, you can contact King Business Consultants.
Our colleagues provide you with all the information you need about this product.

Where can we buy liquid saffron?

King Business has branches selling saffron in many countries of the world.

Saffron price

One of the best and of course the most important services of King Business Company is providing the price of buying saffron.
Our colleagues regularly provide you with the price list of saffron through the website.

Liquid saffron in Paris

Due to the urgency of the customer’s request for 700 packages of Saffron Extract in Paris, the company’s export team is making efforts to deliver the order within 10 days after the New Year holidays. This effort demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing timely services and customer satisfaction. Contact the company’s sales experts now for purchasing and benefiting from King Business services at 004917687913876.

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