The price of saffron per kilo in March 2024

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Online shopping for saffronWholesale export saffronThe price of saffron per kilo in March 2024How much is 1 gram of saffron?Saffron online storeIranian saffron sales branchSaffron seller in Europe
zafferano a prezzo in maastricht

King Business Company is one of the reliable wholesale centers of Iran’s exported saffron.
Get the price list of kilo saffron for March this year from this website.

Online shopping for saffron

Online shopping for saffron
Online shopping for saffron

The most suitable way to buy saffron for people who don’t have time
to go to stores is online shopping.
Of course, you cannot get this sensitive food product from any store.
Guaranteeing product quality and variety of red gold supply packages is one
of King brand services to saffron buyers.

Wholesale export saffron

Last week, the company’s export department had a meeting with one of
the companies that export and import food products in Rotterdam.
During this business negotiation, it was agreed that 100 kilos of bulk saffron
will be delivered to this company every month.
The next meeting, which is a face-to-face negotiation regarding the delivery
of saffron in Germany, will be held on March 11.

The price of saffron per kilo in March 2024

The price of saffron per kilo in March 2023
The price of saffron per kilo in March 2024

Due to the extreme fluctuations of the market, the selling price of saffron is updated daily.
In King Business, which is a product manufacturer, the product sales rate is fixed within a week.
The price of saffron per kilo in March 2024 has been uploaded on the company’s official website.

How much is 1 gram of saffron?

From the beginning of February 2024, the selling price list of Iranian saffron
and products from other countries will increase by 5%.
This trend of price growth from the beginning of April will be due to various reasons.
The saffron onion has been frozen in the fields due to the frost in the winter of the last crop year.
This issue will play an important role in reducing the harvest in 2024.

Saffron online store

Saffron online store
Saffron online store

The new packaging design of Saffron King online store is designed according
to the demand of the European market.
In addition to the ideal and attractive design, the weight of the product placed in
these packages is also exclusive for the European market.
Packages of 0.05 grams and 0.10 grams are the daily consumption limit of citizens.

Iranian saffron sales branch

King Business is one of the big European companies that works in the field of selling and exporting Iranian saffron.
This company is a wholesaler of all kinds of Iranian red gold.
Iranian red gold is known in all countries and has a higher sales rate than
the product of other producing countries.
1 gram of pure red gold in exclusive King packages is offered
between 8 and 11 euros by the sales branches of this company.

Saffron seller in Europe


Saffron business has a significant profit and this attracts many people to this work.
The Selling food in any country requires different certificates and standards.
Considering the fact that it has both food and medicine aspects,
the gold product is considered by the food and medicine organizations of the countries.
King brand products have all licenses related to product distribution in
Iran and all countries of the world.

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