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Easy purchase of saffronDaily price of saffronDistribution of saffron in FranceSelling saffron in French cities

In this article, we talk about the easy purchase of saffron.
We will also tell you about the distribution of saffron in France.

Easy purchase of saffron

Safran de qualité

Yesterday morning, the IT department of King Business had a video meeting with the head office in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
One of the goals of this meeting was to plan for easy access of customers to buy bulk saffron and packaged saffron.
According to the discussions, soon the informatics unit will make it easier for customers to buy.
Our colleagues in this department promised to make changes both on the website and in the webshop.
In this Rasata, a space is to be created where customers and contacts have easy access and easy purchase of saffron.

Daily price of saffron

Currently, the information and daily price of saffron is loaded on the websites and webshops of Saffron King Business Company.
These prices are for both bulk saffron and packaged saffron.
The informatics team presented very good plans.
In their plan, contacts and customers can easily make their purchases in addition to accessing the daily price of saffron.
For example, in the forms that have been created, if customers only enter their email, we will contact them.
In this section, even if they do not write their name, we will contact them.
Just enter your email and phone number. If these two items are registered, the rest of the process will be done.
After registering the email, the customer will be contacted by the saffron sales department at the first opportunity and his request will be processed.
In addition to these things, the informatics team is constantly trying to make it easier for customers to buy saffron.

Distribution of saffron in France

Selling saffron in France and export of saffron

After the meeting with the informatics team, a video call meeting was held with the representative of the Paris branch.
In this meeting, the representative of the city of Paris planned to increase the sales of Iranian and Afghan saffron.
In the last two months, the sales trend of saffron in this branch has been growing, but this growth rate is low.
The sales growth process in this branch has not happened as expected and planned.
This is a very important meeting, the saffron sales representative in France made a very important promise.
They promised that in 15 days we will see changes in the sales volume.
The request of the head office was that it can wait for the next 30 days.
But their own promise was until the next 15 days.

Selling saffron in French cities

According to reports, this representative of ours has exported Afghan and Iranian saffron from France to America.
The central office requested this representative in France (Paris) to increase the sale of saffron in all French cities.
We are moving forward as per the plan and more sales will definitely benefit them.
King Business has branches all over Europe.
If you are planning to buy or trade bulk saffron or packaged saffron, contact our colleagues.(Whatsapp)

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