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Collaboration with an Online Food CompanyOnline shop SaffronOnline Sales of Saffron ExtractOnline Saffron Sales in EuropeThe price of 1 Gram of Saffron in GermanyWhat is the Price of Saffron Extract in Germany?Bulk Saffron Sales ReportSaffron Price List
price of saffron in Europe ?

This report analyzes a German-based trading company’s Online Saffron Sales in Europe.
The company, engaged in the food industry, exports its products to various countries, including Europe and the United States.
They sell their products through their online shop and, of course, through their sales branches across Europe.

Collaboration with an Online Food Company

Online Saffron Sales in Europe

In the initial stage, the company contacted the sales department of King Business and introduced its products to Europe.
The products were offered in luxurious 2-gram packaging on the company’s website.

Online shop Saffron

Considering the platform and its target audience, these luxurious packages had a special appeal.
The first interaction and collaboration with this trading company were established by sending product images and prices through WhatsApp.

Online Sales of Saffron Extract

Furthermore, the sales department recommended saffron extract, a luxurious, organic, and 100% pure product to this customer.
This suggestion was well-received, and in the subsequent stages, samples of luxurious packaging and saffron extract were sent to the address of this online company.

Online Saffron Sales in Europe

Online Sales of Saffron Extract

In the initial contact, this company got acquainted with King Business through one of its trader friends. After a thorough review of the website and familiarity with the extensive work and quality of King’s products, they expressed gratitude for the presentation of high-quality products and services.
After two months of communication and evaluation, they registered their final order expressing interest in collaborating with King Business, which included 1000 luxurious packages and 300 extracts weighing 10 grams.

The price of 1 Gram of Saffron in Germany

Regarding the price of luxurious packaging, each gram of this product is offered at €4.79 in Germany.
Online saffron sales in Europe are conducted through King’s company webshops at the address saffron king. shop.

What is the Price of Saffron Extract in Germany?

What is the Price of Saffron Extract in Germany

On the other hand, saffron extract with weights of 10 and 30 grams is also exported to European, American, and other markets by King Business.
The price for each 10-gram package of this product is €39.99. As King Business is the largest saffron wholesaler in Europe, the wholesale price differs from the retail price.

Bulk Saffron Sales Report

Ultimately, this final report demonstrates the commitment of customers to collaborate with King Business and their appreciation for the quality of the company’s products.
For more information and to purchase saffron, customers can contact the company’s experts. We are saffron wholesalers, providing the best quality saffron to the market.

Saffron Price List

Our respected partners are ready to respond to your messages and emails around the clock. You can directly contact our consultants to receive the saffron price list and purchase the highest quality saffron at the best price.

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