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Buying kilos of saffronSelling saffronThe price of Saffron 1 kgSaffron online storeHow much is 1 kilogram of saffron?Wholesale of saffronWholesale saffron shopping centerBulk import of saffron

What is the trend of bulk saffron imports to Europe in 2023?
Do you think the price of Saffron 1 kg will exceed $3500?
Saffron King Business Company is one of the reliable centers
for buying bulk saffron or in other words wholesale saffron in the European Union.

Saffron 1 kga
Saffron 1 kga

Buying kilos of saffron

Which countries are the buyers of bulk saffron?
In 2021 and 2022, a significant part of Iranian saffron has
been imported by King brand to Spain, Hong Kong, UAE, and China.
Also, some companies have contracted with King Business Kilo
Shopping Center in the United States and Canada.

Selling saffron

How much is Saffron 1 kg?
According to the grade of the product, the price of buying and selling it is also different.
On, wholesale prices of different types of red gold
are listed in dollars and euros.

The price of Saffron 1 kg

What weights are saffron sold in bulk?
In bulk and kilo purchases, the minimum order amount is 1 kg.
Of course, if the buyer’s order is lower than one kilogram,
for example, half a kilogram will be sent to him at the retail price of saffron

The price of Saffron 1 kg
The price of Saffron 1 kg

Saffron online store

Does red gold sell well in European and American countries?
The fact is that a large part of consumers in different countries
do not know this widely used spice properly.
Saffron online store offers this valuable product in various attractive packages.

How much is 1 kilogram of saffron?

When buying saffron, is the quality of the product a priority or its price?!
Red gold is a food and medicine product.
Therefore, it is very important to prepare pure saffron.
Real buyers of this product first examine the quality.
Saffron 1 kg costs 2,580 to 2,790 dollars on average.

Wholesale of saffron

Red gold in retail packages is mostly offered by online stores.
Do you think it is possible to wholesale saffron online?
A large amount of buying and selling of various products and
goods in today’s world is done on the Internet.
Saffron King Business conducts more than 85% of its activities online.

Wholesale of saffron
Wholesale of saffron

Wholesale saffron shopping center

King Business brand products are known throughout the European Union.
Guaranteeing product quality and special services before and
after the sale of the product has led to:
King’s branches are recognized as major saffron buying centers throughout Europe.

Bulk import of saffron

As mentioned, more than 50% of food consumers in European
countries are not familiar with saffron spice.
However, big paint and essential oil companies, chocolate,
and pharmaceutical companies are getting to know this useful
product more and more every day.
The demand of European buyers for pure saffron is increasing every day.
King Business is one of the most reliable importers of bulk saffron around the world.

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