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Selling saffron to commercial companiesOnline wholesale sale of saffronThe price of each gram of saffron in Anzali portSaffron price newsWholesale price of saffron in BrusselsSaffron King Business branchDiamond ambassadors planOnline sale of saffronTerms of cooperation in saffron business
Saffron price news

Saffron price news: In this section, we present important news of the activities of King Business companies in the field of saffron.

Selling saffron to commercial companies

Selling saffron production in the world

The sales department signed a sales contract with a trading company and food seller in Brussels today.
Based on this, it was decided to allocate 1000 saffron packages of 1 gram per month to this company for one year.
Also, 2,500 packages of luxury saffron of 5 grams were allocated to this company.

Online wholesale sale of saffron

It should be mentioned that this trading company has an online saffron store and it was decided to sell bulk and packaged saffron online.

The price of each gram of saffron in Anzali port

In the retail sale of saffron, the type and quality of the product affects its selling price.
In addition, the more luxurious the saffron packaging, the higher the price of saffron.
Each gram of precious saffron in the market is offered to customers between 8 and 12 euros.

Saffron price news

The price of saffron

Today, there was a discussion about the price of saffron in Europe at King Company.
According to the report of the business unit of Saffron King Business Company, 90 kg of Sargol saffron are currently available at the company’s headquarters in the Netherlands.
According to the order of the honorable representative of Belgium, 29 kg of Sargol saffron will be sent to Brussels on Wednesday.

Wholesale price of saffron in Brussels

Belgians always pay for high quality products.
Therefore, the quality and grade of saffron is important for them.
The wholesale price of saffron in Brussels and the Belgian market is 2,390 euros.

Saffron King Business branch

Some of the reasons for success in selling Iranian saffron in the big European market are as follows;
The respected representatives of the company in Belgium have sufficient knowledge about the Brussels market.
Relying on this experience and knowledge of the market, they supply the products needed by customers to the market.
Providing high quality products and services is one of the success factors of saffron sellers of King Business Company.

Diamond ambassadors plan

According to the report of the management and planning unit, the plan of the ambassadors was approved after four months of review in the Rotterdam office.
This plan has created a suitable situation for you and you can enter the saffron business with this method.
It should be noted that the plan of Diamond and King ambassadors has been implemented since the beginning of this month.

Online sale of saffron

King Saffron Online Store

Saffron is sold online in King’s web shop.
Those of you who are interested can visit our company’s website to get the price list of saffron sales and to register in the ambassador plan.

Terms of cooperation in saffron business

In the field of cooperation in saffron business, you can all register in the ambassador plan.
Saffron price news is presented to you on a daily basis in this section.
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Our colleagues provide you with sales and business methods and cooperation methods.

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