The saffron price online shopping

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Selling Iranian saffronHow much is 1 gram of saffron?The saffron price online shoppingRetail sale of saffronThe price of 1 kilo of saffron in dollarsWholesale of saffronSaffron online storeThe price of saffron in pounds

Is it possible to wholesale saffron online?
What is the saffron price online shopping?
Saffron King Business is one of the reliable centers for exporting and selling Iranian saffron.

The saffron price online shopping
The saffron price online shopping

Selling Iranian saffron

Is the price of saffron expensive in online shopping?
Online stores mainly do retail sales of red gold.
In these store sites, the product is offered in various packages.
King brand is the wholesaler of Iranian saffron in the European Union.

How much is 1 gram of saffron?

In what type of packaging does the consumer of red gold buy this product?
Saffron is a food product and at the same time, it is used as medicine.
Therefore, the sensitivities that exist for food storage and packaging will be doubled about this product.
1 gram of saffron in the King Business online store costs 11 euros on average.
Packaging of this product is done by reliable packaging companies in Europe.

How much is 1 gram of saffron?
How much is 1 gram of saffron?

The saffron price online shopping

Is the cost of buying from online stores high?
Each gram of saffron at King shop is between $8 and $12.
This store offers products at wholesale prices.
Here we compare the saffron price online shopping with shopping in stores.
If we want to buy only one or more small packages of saffron, the product will be delivered to us at the consumer price.

Retail sale of saffron

What is the difference between retail and wholesale saffron?
The most important difference between these two sales is the “weight” of the product presentation.
In this way, if we sell red gold in packages of 250 grams, 400 grams, and 500 grams, it is considered wholesale.

Retail sale of saffron
Retail sale of saffron

The price of 1 kilo of saffron in dollars

It was mentioned that the weight of saffron packages can determine the type of its sale.
“1 kg” is considered the basic weight for wholesale saffron.
The average price of one kilo of saffron in Europe today is $3140 to $3480.

Wholesale of saffron

In addition to the selling weight of saffron, another feature of the wholesale sale of this product is that:
Red gold has a lower price in this type of sale (wholesale).
Buying 1 kilo of saffron, if done in retail packages, costs 9500 to 11000 euros on average.
Of course, this rate is related to major sales.

Wholesale of saffron
Wholesale of saffron

Saffron online store

The price of saffron was investigated in online shopping.
As mentioned, if we want to consider the costs of going to and from the market and the time we spend on preparing the product,
We agree that the rates for online orders are very reasonable.

The price of saffron in pounds

One of the common currency units in international sales is the pound sterling.
Buying and selling saffron in England is done with this currency unit.
The price of King brand saffron is 2890 pounds per kilo in the British market.

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