Saffron prices and saffron suppliers

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The best-selling saffron?Buy bulk saffronSell ​​saffron type SargolSaffron prices and saffron suppliersWhat is the price of one gram of saffron?Sale without saffronWholesale saffronPrice per gram of saffron in the marketSaffron sales branch
Saffron exports to China and saffron prices in Hong Kong

Where are the largest saffron market and saffron suppliers?
Saffron King Company is one of the most reputable sellers and suppliers of saffron.
The price of saffron is uploaded daily on the company’s website.
In this best-selling section of saffron, as well as the sale of saffron, the type of saffron, we examine its types together.

The best-selling saffron?

Saffron prices and saffron suppliers
Saffron prices and saffron suppliers

Negin type saffron and Sargol type saffron are the two best-selling types of saffron.
In the wholesale market of saffron, Sargol and Negin types are well received.
Also, due to the reasonable price of one gram packages, most customers usually choose this type of packaging.
One of the most reputable companies supplying saffron and supplier of saffron is Saffron King Company.

Buy bulk saffron

The purchase price of saffron from saffron suppliers depends on several factors.
Buying bulk saffron creates an opportunity for customers to buy the products they need at the best price.
If you want to buy red gold in bulk and packaged from the most reputable saffron sales center, you can contact the experts of Saffron King Company.

Sell ​​saffron type Sargol

Sell ​​saffron type Sargol
Sell ​​saffron type Sargol

In stores, a variety of products are marketed in various packages.
The sale of saffron is packaged in weights of one to 10 grams.
In bulk saffron wholesale and packages of 250 grams, half a kilo, and one kilogram are prepared and presented to you.

Saffron prices and saffron suppliers

Our advice to esteemed buyers and food distribution companies, stores, and supermarkets is to buy products in bulk to benefit them in terms of price.
From the type of packaging, grade, and quality of the product, the amount of purchase and order plays an important role in the purchase and sale price.

What is the price of one gram of saffron?

What is the price of one gram of saffron?
What is the price of one gram of saffron?

In the market, the price of a gram of packaged saffron with the Saffron King brand is on average $ 3 to $ 6.
Of course, the purchase price of saffron from saffron suppliers depends on several factors, some of which we will discuss in the next section.
The wholesale price list of saffron is published daily on this website.
You can contact the company’s experts to purchase and place an order.

Sale without saffron

Due to the fact that Saffron King Company has agricultural farms in different parts of Iran and Afghanistan and saffron is planted, so you can buy all kinds of red gold from this company without intermediaries.
Selling saffron without intermediaries is one of the important advantages that this company offers you.
You can contact our experts to buy the highest quality products at the best prices.

Wholesale saffron

Wholesale saffron
Wholesale saffron

The important question is whether we buy saffron in bulk or in packages?
As you know, for red gold packaging, you have to get the necessary licenses and laboratory as well as standard license to be able to present this product to the market with packaging.
Saffron King Company provides you with this opportunity and packages and markets this product with all the necessary criteria and valid licenses.
What does wholesale mean?
This means that if you order a one-gram package, you must provide a thousand packages from the company.
If you order one gram or half gram packages, the minimum order quantity is one thousand packages.
For more information, you can contact the sales manager of Saffron King Company.

Price per gram of saffron in the market

Comparing the price of each gram of saffron last month shows that the selling price of one kilogram has increased by 3 to 10 percent.
The price of each kilo of saffron is between 1900 and 2500 dollars.

Saffron sales branch

Do you also want to be one of the partners of the saffron sales branch and be a member of Saffron King Company?
Contact us right now to buy saffron from the largest supplier of saffron.
To cooperate in the sales department, you can contact the company’s head office.

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