Buy and sell prices of saffron in China

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prices of saffron in China

The selling price of saffron in China is between 970 and 1670 dollars.
Of course, note that the sell prices of saffron in China of high quality saffron depends on the purchase amount and the type of product and packaging.
Our company is a wholesaler of saffron and delivers all kinds of red gold to your final destination.

1 kg price of saffron

In China, saffron is grown both in greenhouses and on farms.
Of course, the price of these saffrons is also very good.
Saffron King Business is one of the most reputable companies that offers red gold saffron to your final destination (at your address).
In wholesale: 1 kg The price of saffron in different cities varies from 970 to 1800 dollars.

High price of saffron

Buy and sell prices of saffron in China
Buy and sell prices of saffron in China

Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world.
Products that are planted in suitable weather conditions are of very good quality.
Our company has an agricultural farm in Iran and Afghanistan and plants saffron.
In retail: The purchase price of high quality saffron from King Business store is 2 to 5 dollars per gram.

Sell saffron in Shanghai

Saffron sales branch in Shanghai and other cities mainly offers quality products.
Our packages for samples are 250 grams and 400 grams, and of course this amount is 100% free for purchases over 20 kg.
The selling price of saffron is uploaded on our site on a daily basis.
Our products are offered in the market in several ways.
1- Wholesale bulk saffron in weights of 250, 300, 500 grams and one kilogram
2 – Wholesale product in packages of 1,2 and 5 grams
It should be noted that in bulk purchases, the weight and type of packaging is ready to be delivered according to the customer’s request.

Buy and sell prices of saffron in China

The selling prices of saffron in China depends on several factors.
Order amount (purchase amount)
Product type (with what quality?)
Type of packaging (how many grams with how many kilos? What material is the packaging made of?)

For example, the price of 5 grams of saffron in the paper type is $ 10.
For orders over 5000 packages, the selling price for 5 grams is between 30 and 40% discount.

Planting, selling and exporting saffron

Planting, selling and exporting saffron
Planting, selling and exporting saffron

As you know, our company has saffron cultivation in Iran and Afghanistan and produces the highest quality organic products.
Of course, King Business Company is one of the largest exporters of red gold, which is a pioneer in the field of saffron exports.
We export all kinds of red gold to China and other countries of the world.

Sell the best fresh saffron

If you are looking for fresh export saffron in the best quality and at the same time at a reasonable price, contact us.
In the above section, you saw the purchase and sale prices of saffron in China.
We have provided the sale of this product for you so that you can meet your need for this export product in a short time;
The best saffron is sold in packages that will be very suitable for export.
It has a great impact on the sale of this product. Also, the quality of the product is excellent and marketing for this type of saffron in other countries is very easy.

Investigating the difference between Sargol saffron

Mancha saffron has many differences with Sargol saffron and each of them has different uses;
Sargol saffron can be used directly as a seasoning for various foods and its color and aroma are unique, and what most of us buy in the saffron market is actually Sargol saffron.
But there is less straw saffron in the market and it is mostly offered in bulk to buyers who want to separate different types of saffron from it.

Sargol saffron for expor

Sargol saffron for export
Sargol saffron for export

saffron is a complete red export and very colorful.
In addition, it has a bulky appearance, while Mancha saffron does not have a specific texture and includes a set of thin and large strands.
In addition to the mentioned cases, straw saffron has a part of cream and red and white colors can be easily seen in it, which naturally red color is related to stigma and white color is related to flower cream.
While in Sargol saffron, the creamy white color is not seen at all and it is completely different in this respect.

Buy fresh quality saffron

If you want to buy fresh quality saffron from a reputable company, we suggest you buy red gold from a famous and reputable company that produces saffron and do not buy from intermediaries.
Because intermediaries usually give you a much higher rate than the main sellers and producers of saffron, and therefore it is better to reconsider your purchase and order the product from its producers.

Buy saffron from manufacturers

Buying saffron from producers can be very good for you economically.
This will make it easier for you to sell more profitably;
To buy saffron, you can use online ordering and purchasing methods that are easily available today.

You can do all the processes related to the purchase and delivery of your desired products only by accessing the Internet
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