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bulk saffron in England

In this article, we discuss a part of the negotiation between the sales team of King Business Company and one of the customers and check the price of bulk saffron in England.

Selling saffron in Manchester

Selling Bulk Saffron

On Thursday, one of our respected customers, Dr. Manouchehri, contacted the sales team of our company.
Mr. Manouchehri is in Manchester and owns a grocery store.
His main question was: What is the price of bulk saffron in England?

Buying saffron in London

They wanted us to deliver the order to them in London.
His order is 1000 grams of luxury boxes of saffron weighing one gram.

Saffron in luxury dishes

Saffron in luxury dishes

Luxury packaging is produced by King Business for the European market.
Saffron is available in these packages in weights of one gram, two grams, 4 grams and 5 grams.
These packages are glass containers with cork lids and are designed and produced inside very stylish boxes with gold writing.

Determining the price of saffron in Europe

King Business Company is one of the largest sellers and distributors of Iranian saffron in Europe.
For this reason, this company is considered one of the determinants of the price of red gold in many European countries.

The selling price of Iranian saffron in Europe

The head office of King Business in Europe has announced the price of Iranian saffron from 1980 to 2680 euros this month.
As you know, the price of this product depends on its type, grade and type of containers, as well as the amount of the order.

The price of bulk saffron in England

Wholesale saffron

Mr. Dr. Manouchehri had full knowledge and prior confidence in the products and services of King Business Company.
For this reason, they placed their order immediately after contacting the sales department to receive the price of saffron export packaging.

The company’s saffron sales department in Europe

This order was made by the sales department and all services were considered for this customer.
After seven working days, his order was presented to his customer at the British customs.

Wholesale of saffron in Germany

Dr. Manouchehri has extensive business connections in different countries, including in Europe.
Two days after placing the order, they contacted the company again and one of their friends who is a customer in Germany.

The price of saffron in Berlin

saffron in Berlin

5 kilos of Iranian saffron were packed in 250 gram containers and sent to Berlin for the customer Mr. Dr. Manouchehri.
Of course, it should be noted that this order was sent to him from the Munich branch.
The price of 1 kilo of grade A+ saffron in bulk is 2490 euros.

Buying saffron in Manchester

On Monday, Mr. Bahrami, one of the partners of Dr. Manouchehri, contacted the sales department.
Considering that King Business is a well-known company in Europe, Mr. Bahrami had previous acquaintance with our company.
In this connection, Mr. Bahrami ordered 1.5 kg net.

Distribution of saffron throughout Europe

His order was packed within 2 days.
Logistics department colleagues reported that their order will be sent to Manchester address on Wednesday.

The price of bulk saffron in Manchester

Buy bulk saffron

The sale of bulk saffron in important European countries including England, France, Germany and Italy has not changed.
The price of Iranian saffron in Manchester is 2590 euros.

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