Growing saffron in the greenhouse + planting saffron in Europe

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Saffron productionPlanting saffronRevision in the saffron training sectionEducation department meetingsCultivation of saffron in the greenhouse

King Business Company cultivates saffron in the greenhouse.
This company has started planting saffron + (planting training) in Europe.

Saffron production

Selling saffron production in the world

The King Business group of companies in Iran and all over the world are engaged in the field of saffron.
This group of companies consists of different departments.
One of these sectors is the saffron production sector.
It should be noted that the saffron production department consists of two parts: saffron planting training and saffron planting.

Planting saffron

Certainly, one of the important parts of Saffron King Business is the training part of the company.
In this section, the training of saffron cultivation in the greenhouse is provided to the audience online and in person by capable engineers.
Of course, it should be noted that the King company also offers traditional saffron cultivation training.
These tutorials are very up-to-date and detailed.
By using these trainings, the efficiency of the saffron farm can be greatly improved.
These trainings are provided in Europe and Iran.
Planting saffron in the Netherlands was started for the first time by the King company.
Soon the information about this important project will be published for you audience.

Revision in the saffron training section

Recently, the activities of this department have been reviewed.
These revisions are done in different departments of the company.
The main goal of these changes is to achieve the satisfaction of customers and contacts.

Education department meetings

Education department meetings

In the previous week, a series of meetings were held in this direction, the purpose of which is to set up an updated program.
All these meetings have been held under the supervision of Engineer Chalavi, one of the top and active lecturers of King Business Company.
In these meetings, it has been approved that more educational content will be provided to trainees in Europe and Iran.
Based on this, pdf files, audio files, videos and more content will be available to the contacts.

Cultivation of saffron in the greenhouse

One of the important topics of these meetings is the training of saffron cultivation in the greenhouse.
Mrs. Shahvardi is one of the top representatives of King Company who have recently been added to this department.
They are currently taking the necessary courses and will soon join the company’s instructors.
If you are looking to plant saffron in Europe or Iran, contact our colleagues. (Whatsapp)

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