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Production of saffron extractSale of saffron extractCharacteristics of saffron extractProduction of saffron extractSaffron planting and saffron distributionSaffron productsBuy saffron extractAfghan and Iranian saffronSome of the countries where King has branches or representatives:
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Sale of saffron extract by King Company.
Production of saffron products and patent registration for saffron extract by King.

Production of saffron extract

Production of saffron extract

Saffron extract is produced as a new product of King Business Company in collaboration with a Swiss laboratory.
Patent registration for saffron extract was done by King Business Company and this Swiss laboratory.
This saffron product has entered the European market under the brand name (King Saffron Extract).

Sale of saffron extract

The variety of saffron extract packaging in King Business Company is high.
This variety includes saffron extract in ten milligrams packaging.
The selling price of saffron extract in a package of 10 mg is 49,9 € (Euro).

Characteristics of saffron extract

The price of saffron extract + sale and export of saffron liquid

In this packaging model, all specifications of saffron extract include:

  • How to use saffron extract
  • Necessary licenses
  • European standards number
  • And there is a product brochure

This product comes with a special type of packaging (luxury packaging).

Production of saffron extract

Three years ago, the research and development team started operating in the market, and after some time, this team did the product design.
After the design, the R&D team conducted research and then implemented the saffron extract production project.

Saffron planting and saffron distribution

Wholesale of saffron

The first step in implementing King’s activities in the field of Iranian saffron trade and its products is always taken by the R&D unit.
This case includes all important departments and activities of King Company in the field of saffron planting and saffron distribution.
In saffron sales promotions, the research and development unit also acts first.

Saffron products

In recent days, the research and development department of King company together with the sales department had a meeting at the headquarters.
In this meeting, important topics related to the saffron extract sales market were discussed.
Also, in this meeting, many discussions were held regarding the price of the product.
How to sell saffron extract, the type of target society and the type of market were also discussed in this meeting.
These meetings are held with the aim of increasing the sales of saffron products, especially saffron extract.

Buy saffron extract

buy saffron from Saffron King Business

Saffron King Business Company has 12 years of experience in the field of Afghan and Iranian saffron trade.
This company, with its experienced and capable staff, is ready to place an order or sign a contract for the sale of saffron extract on a full-time basis.
All companies, businessmen and individuals can use the services of King Company in the field of production, distribution and purchase of saffron extract.
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Afghan and Iranian saffron

King Business Company is an international company that is part of its activities in the field of saffron and production of saffron products.
Saffrons produced by this company are distributed throughout Europe, Asia and America.
King Business Group of companies are producers of Afghan saffron and Iranian saffron.
This company has the ability to supply saffron in tonnage and has been distributing and exporting Iranian and Afghan saffron for 12 years.
The head office of King Business is located in the Netherlands.
Branches and agencies of this company are present in different countries.

Some of the countries where King has branches or representatives:


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